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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Courgette Flower

The first flower on the courgette plants. This means that there will be fruits soon and that means lovely courgettes to eat!
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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Watered the vegetable patch last evening with the sprinkler which I use very sparingly to conserve water. But it has been so dry recently despite the forecast of rain that I wanted everything to have a good soaking. Low and behold though I wake up to pouring rain this morning!

Everything is coming on well. Already tucking into lettuce from the garden and it wont be long before I try some of the potatoes from the big sack. The greenery of the potatoes is now dying off and I wonder if this means they are ready to dig up?

The sunflower seeds that I sowed about ten days ago are little seedlings now and the herbs that I sowed to use up old seed are also getting going.

The butternut squash at the bottom of the garden don't seem to be thriving as well as the courgettes but I'm sure from previous years they grow at a slower pace and aren't really ready until the autumn anyway.

The grass is recovering now from the weed, feed and moss kill that I spread a couple of weeks ago. I think I spread it uneven and consequently it has developed quite a few dead looking patches. Of course I had to end up watering it too since the forecast rain never arrived. I'm not sure if this allowed it to sort of burn or something. Never mind - it will grow again!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Clematis Flower

The clematis has just flowered over the last couple of days. I love the colour of the petals. It contrast very well with the green fencing behind.
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Chestnut Tree

Potted out this plant when it was a seedling a couple of years ago. It has done really well although I must confess to thinking it was dead over the winter!


Here you can see the tomato plants that I planted out on Sunday. There are three varieties which I will look up soon and I planted two of each in the grow bags and then some more in pots. You can also see the green pots that I have sowed some parsley, basil and coriander in.
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Sunday, June 08, 2008


Spent most of the morning in the garden again today. It has been a gorgeous day and really warm. I purchased two more grow bags this morning and planted two of each of the tomato varieties out in them (will have to look up what they are at a later date!) I also planted out five more plants since I hate any waste and I had loads of little plants that I simply didn't want to throw. What do people do with all their spare plants I wonder?

Sorted through my seed box (which is an old small tool box) and came across seeds from 2006 and 2007 which were past their expiry date. They were mainly herbs and so I decided to plant them all out, some I have sown in pots and others in the border at the bottom of the garden in the hope that they may out compete the bindweed! I can live in hope!

I also bought a bag of bark chippings which I have spread along the ground beyond the fence at the bottom of the garden in an attempt to suppress the weeds particularly that bindweed!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


I've four foxglove plant growing wild again this year. The number of bees that it attracts is amazing.
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Grow Bags

First picture shows the courgettes and the second the butternut squash.
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Day in the Garden

Well what a lot I have done today!

Planted out courgettes into grow bags.
Planted butternut squash at bottom of garden.
Sowed some sunflowers.
Repotted the house plants.
Planted out cauliflowers in pots.
Mowed the lawn.
Raked the lawn.
Treated the lawn with a feed, weed and moss killer.

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