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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snowdrop and Iris

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Ilex meserveae "Blue Maid"

Potted this out today at last... information on the leaflet...
"This variety of holly is also known as blue holly due to the colour of its leaves. The shrub is full of red berries. If you want to obtain more berries in the holly we advise to place a male plant , for example Ilex meserveae "Blue Prince" nearby. Leaves have prickly edges. Dense compact growth. Also grown as standard. Ideal as solitaire in ornamental gardens, in large plant troughs and as an impenetrable hedge. If the tree is planted in spring, water it once every 14 days until the end of June."
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Seeing Daffodils always makes me feel that warmer, drier days are on the way.
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I did the birdwatch a couple of weeks ago for the RSPB and was amazed at how few birds came in to the garden in the hour I watched for. As a result I have spent a gift voucher that I had last year on the above bird feeders. Not sure I have got them in the best position yet but we'll see what happens. You may find some pictures of birds on here soon. Would love to have a robin come to feed...
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Holly Tree

A Christmas present which I really must get around to putting in a larger pot: A beautiful ornamental holly tree.
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Snow Drop

The first snow drop in the garden this year above arrived about a week ago. They are such delicate plants.
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