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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tulips and Daffodils

The tulips and daffodil bulbs that I planted in the autumn last year have done well this year flowering around the end of March. The plants to the left were thought to be daffodils when planted but they are a minature type. I will soon go into the garden and make a list of all the plants names to post on here... Posted by Picasa

Conwy Seed Fair

I have one tomato plant and one cucumber plant this year which I purchased at the Conwy Seed Fair in March. They are currently in the little propagator to save them from any frosts. I will plant them out into pots towards the end of April and put them in the sunniest place in the garden. The tomato is apparently one which doesn't need the shoots removing every so often which is good as last year I wasn't sure what I was doing and ended up with a massive bush of leaves and no tomatoes! Posted by Picasa

Hanging Baskets march 2006

The hanging baskets are still looking good six months after planting out.
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Friday, April 28, 2006

Bindweed removal area

This photograph shows the bit of soil where the bindweed continues to attempt to grow despite numerous weedkills and digs over. The roots of the bindweed go very deep and as I understand you have to remove all traces of root and trailers before the area is completely free of this very fast growing weed.

Last year I tried to plant a number of different plants to fill the area but to no avail since the bindweed always took over. I hope that this year I have removed all signs of it and can at last plant something to climb the fence. I am going to try some sweet peas and a clematis hopefully. Watch this space! Posted by Picasa

Snow in March 2006

Two pictures just to record the snow in the garden in March 2006. This is the first snow that we have observed to settle in our garden! Posted by Picasa

Winter Baskets 2005

These are two hanging baskets I made up in the autunm of 2005 ready for the winter. They are still full of colour now, 6 months on. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Border Plants Summer 2005

We have a very shady border to the left of our garden which has been difficult to get things to grow in. These pictures show a couple of ferns and a lovely purple plant which seem to have thrived in these conditions. The BBC gardening website has a useful tool for finding plants that like certain conditions.

I aim to try and name all the plants you have seen so far for a record for myself which I think will be good to have. I am sure one of these ferns is called a lady fern... Posted by Picasa

Sunflowers Summer 2005

These are two close up pictures of a couple of the sunflowers which grew in pots last summer. Sunflowers are my favourite flower. They are so bright and cheery and attract lots of wildlife throughout their life cycle. You will probably see many pictures of sunflowers on this blog! Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 24, 2006

Summer Vegetables 2005

These pictures show the vegetables which I grew in 2005: Runner beans, peas, radishes, lettuce, carrots, courgettes, butternut squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

We had loads of runner beans and courgettes and couldn't use them all even when giving them away!

I will only plant two courgette plants this year and will not do the peas or runner beans. Instead I hope to grow some broad beans.

We only had enough peas for one meal!

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Alpine Sink

This photograph shows the Alpine Sink which I planted out soon after the Iris' had finished flowering. I will try to name the plants in a future post. Posted by Picasa


Thought you might like to see a photo of my mini greenhouse. It has been so useful and although it only has two shelves has been invaluable in raising new plants from seed in the early months of the year Posted by Picasa

Sunflower & Herb Pots May 2005

Although you can't see much these are the pots of sunflowers in May 2005

These are pots of various herbs on the steps up to the back door of the house. I think they are Oregano, Mint, Thyme, and Parsley from left to right.
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Iris' Spring 2005

This is the Belfast sink in spring 2005 with some Iris' flowering.
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Spring 2005

These pictures show the garden in spring of 2005. You can see that the bindweed has gone form the fence (although I still continue to fight the battle against it) and the garden is generally tidier.

A large Belfast sink that we inherited with the house has been cleaned and pots that moved with us from our previous house are positioned around the base of a lovely laurel tree with a twisting trunk. I assume it is a laurel and would like to confirm its proper name one day.

I think I had planted some tomato seeds in the shallow pot to the left which went on to provide a few tomatoes.

You can also see two troughs with hebes in, a little box plant, lavender, and some conifers. (If you look closely that is!)
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Garden - Summer 2004

I have decided to start a blog on my garden. I will post pictures here and commentary of what is happening in the garden mainly for a record for myself to look back at.
These first two pictures are a bit grainy as they were taken with a mobile phone camera soon after we moved into our new house in August 2004.
You can see the bindweed on the fence at the bottom of the garden which became a pest and practically took over the whole of the garden!
You can also see the compost frame which was one of the first purchases for the garden. We compost everything we can and it really saves on rubbish that goes into the bin. We do a lot of recycling which also helps

So you can see that the garden isn't that big. It has a lawn with a path to the left and a shady border to the left of that. A small gravel area exists at the bottom of the garden too. There is a paved area which can just be seen in these photos which is ideal for pots. Posted by Picasa