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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Garden - Summer 2004

I have decided to start a blog on my garden. I will post pictures here and commentary of what is happening in the garden mainly for a record for myself to look back at.
These first two pictures are a bit grainy as they were taken with a mobile phone camera soon after we moved into our new house in August 2004.
You can see the bindweed on the fence at the bottom of the garden which became a pest and practically took over the whole of the garden!
You can also see the compost frame which was one of the first purchases for the garden. We compost everything we can and it really saves on rubbish that goes into the bin. We do a lot of recycling which also helps

So you can see that the garden isn't that big. It has a lawn with a path to the left and a shady border to the left of that. A small gravel area exists at the bottom of the garden too. There is a paved area which can just be seen in these photos which is ideal for pots. Posted by Picasa

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