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Thursday, August 10, 2006


At last I have got a hose pipe! Gone are the many trips back and forth to the tap to water the vegetables and plants. I have my Dad to thank for the yellow hose which seems very tough and just the right length. I have got three attachments for it. One is a simple nozzle, another is a sprinkler (shown) and the other is a gun with eight functions. One of these functions is a spray which mixes in an amount of air and makes a nice soft stream ideal for watering all the pots so as not to damage the plants or force soil out of the pot. Posted by Picasa

Sunflower 3

Close up of one of the sunflower flowers. Posted by Picasa

Outside Candle

Candle holder which was a present from my Nanna last year which has finally made it into the garden after parts of it were left in Suffolk. It has a fresh lemon scent and repels the insects. Only had it lit twice though so far! Posted by Picasa

Fuschia Flowers

Close up of the Fuschia flowers in the hanging basket. Posted by Picasa

Sunflowers 2

An update picture of the sunflowers. There may be more as the flowers come out. Lovely colours. Posted by Picasa

Shed Shelves

I put some shelves in my shed to help with storage a few weeks ago. I know that it isn't strictly to do with gardening but a shed is very important for storing tools and other handy things useful in the garden. It was my first ever attempt at using a drill I received from my parents last year for my birthday. It was easier than I thought. The most difficult aspect of the task was measuring and marking out the place of the supports and shelves. Anyway, two weeks later and they are still hanging! I also put some hooks on the opposite wall for things like the hand fork and trowel. It has made the shed so much tidier and allows much more space for keeping our recycling items like bottles, newspapers and magazines and our bulk bought Ecover products. Posted by Picasa