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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Daffodils and Tulips

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Here you can see the areas I dug over yesterday and in the bottom one the rows in which I have sowed seeds of onions, carrots and lettuce. The beetroot was sowed along the border by the path. The picture above shows where I shall sow some sunflower seeds early next month hopefully.
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This morning went to the vegetable patch to find that the next doors cat had dug up most of the area I had sowed into yesterday! Can't moan or blame the cat as it kept me company yesterday when I was out there gardening and it is a sweet friendly thing. Have just returned from B&Q with some cat repellent which will hopefully do the trick. Slugs and now cats!!

Spring Pot

A lovely spring pot that my Mum bought for us from Tal Goed Nurseries in Glan Conwy. They were real bargains.
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Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring is in the Air

I have not been able to post for a while due to a computer problem which has now thankfully been sorted - not that much has been going on in the garden anyway...... until today....

I have strimmed the lawn as it was too long to cut with the mower and then raked it over twice to get rid of all the cut grass - put it on the compost heap. I have dug over the vegetable patch and the border at the bottom of the garden and hoed the border at the side along the path.

I thought it time to start planting out some seeds today also. Onions, carrots, lettuce, and beetroot were sowed directly on the vegetable patch and the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers were put directly in pots in the mini greenhouse. I have covered the vegetable patch with slug pellets - not very organic I know but I got fed up last year of them eating everything. They also apparently act as an animal repellent which is good as the new cat next door has started taking a liking to scratching in the dirt around the garden!

I also generally had a clean up around the garden and tidied up the shed a little. It has been a lovely sunny day and I am so pleased with what I have done. I must get out there tomorrow and take some pictures of the daffodils and tulips which are coming through. They look lovely.

It was the seed fair in Conwy today which I went to bright and breezy this morning all ready to buy some little plants to plant as last year but unfortunately I couldn't find any tomato or cucumber plants as last year and left a little disappointed. There were some lovely plants and flowers there with lots of different stalls selling various things from honey and chutneys to cards and CDs. I was pleased when I returned home without any cakes or chocolate!