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Sunday, October 08, 2006


Spent a few hours this last week just tidying up the garden and getting it ready for winter. I have planted out some colourful heathers in a trough and replanted both the hanging baskets with more heathers, pansies, ivy, and cyclamen as last year. I have a few plants left over so will probably plant up another pot with something.

I also planted some forced Christmas Hyacinths which I am keeping in the shed. I have not tried growing these before and hope they are successful to bring in for around Christmas. I have planted two colours: white and purple - three of each.

Two more pots have been filled with tulips and daffodils for the spring next year.

I cleaned up the end of the garden a little where the vegetables were and just beyond the fence where the sunflowers were. I have simply cut them down for the time being to let the insects get at the flower seeds. I did cut a few remaining flowers to keep and have put them in some water in a vase for the table... Posted by Picasa


Tomatoes from the garden which eventually ripened to the end of last month. They were delicious to eat - very sweet and bursting with juice. I will definitely try to get another seedling form the seed fair in Conwy next year: another plant that doesn't need picking out. I might even get two! Posted by Picasa

Aloe Vera

This is an Aloe Vera plant that I had for my birthday in August from my parents. It has already grown quite a bit and strikes a very good image with it's spikes and curved succulent stems or leaves. Posted by Picasa