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Monday, October 22, 2007

Orange Trouser

Found this carrot amusing!
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More Carrots

Spent most of the day in the garden yesterday - it was lovely weather hre in North Wales and quite warm once I got going!

Harvested the remaining carrots and spring onions and generally tidied the garden up. Emptied the grow bags on to the vegetable patch and potted up some bulbs for the spring - daffodils and tulips. I think there are still some bulbs in the border which may come through at some point. I'm also not sure what I did with the hyacinths after they flowered - maybe they are in a pot somewhere!

I cut the lawn again. Maybe it will have been for the last time. It was quite soft under foot in places and hadn't grown much since last weekend. I strimmed around the edges as best I could - a piece from the strimmer has gone missing and makes it hard to do since the string that whizzes round is too short!
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