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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hello everyone.

I haven't posted for ages and have done nothing in the garden for ages either! It has been too wet and cold for me to get motivated to do anything. The grass needs cutting and the borders weeding and I would like to prune the laurel tree and the over-hanging eucalyptus from next door. The vegetable patch needs forking over too before the ground gets too hard and I have read somewhere that you can plant garlic now for next year so may do that soon also. Anyone know of anything else that I should be or could be planting now ready for next year?

The hyacinths are doing well in the shed - I must look at them tomorrow and check they don't need water.

The windowsill in the kitchen looks a little livelier since I planted some herbs for the winter indoors - basil, chives and parsley. Will try and remember to take some pictures tomorrow.