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Sunday, June 08, 2008


Spent most of the morning in the garden again today. It has been a gorgeous day and really warm. I purchased two more grow bags this morning and planted two of each of the tomato varieties out in them (will have to look up what they are at a later date!) I also planted out five more plants since I hate any waste and I had loads of little plants that I simply didn't want to throw. What do people do with all their spare plants I wonder?

Sorted through my seed box (which is an old small tool box) and came across seeds from 2006 and 2007 which were past their expiry date. They were mainly herbs and so I decided to plant them all out, some I have sown in pots and others in the border at the bottom of the garden in the hope that they may out compete the bindweed! I can live in hope!

I also bought a bag of bark chippings which I have spread along the ground beyond the fence at the bottom of the garden in an attempt to suppress the weeds particularly that bindweed!

1 comment:

Yasmeen said...

I wonder the same.. What do people do with their spare plants? Throw them in the compost i suppose.. My heart aches when i have to do that to a plant..