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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Brussels Sprout

Brussels Sprouts are my most favourite vegetable and today when in Tal Goed Nursery near Glan Conwy I spotted some little plants so have purchased some and planted out this evening. I can't wait until the Autumn/ Winter time to be able to say that I have eaten Brussels sprouts from the garden. Wouldn't it be nice to have my own home grown Brussels sprouts Christmas Day!

I have also replaced the hanging basket with a fern plant which looks effective and will hopefully be low maintenance, weeded the border, planted out the horse chestnut seedling into a pot (the one that was growing in the "wild" part of the border), and sowed some sunflower seeds onto the border at the bottom of the garden.

1 comment:

tina tanswell said...

Your frittilias are beautifull and so pleased you have managed to plant some brussel sprouts