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Monday, June 12, 2006

Rain after the sunshine

We have had some very much needed rain overnight here in Conwy. The air smells fresher and glancing out the window this morning, all the plants look a little revived. I have been watering the vegetables and some of the pots from a watering can but a rain was desperately needed after all the sunshine and heat we have had for over a week now. I always feel guitly watering the plants but try to re-use dishwater wherever possible and since we use Ecover products I know there is nothing in it's contents which would harm the environment. I would like to get a water butt to collect water at some point although we don't actually have any downpipes on our house as they all drain over to the house next door. Maybe in the future, if and when I get a shed, a butt may be positioned to catch the water which runs off it.

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