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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mentha spicata

It will be lovely to have another Mint to add to my collection. This Spearmint plant will get well used I am sure in the future. It smells so refreshing.
I shall plant in into a pot soon for the garden and position along with the other herbs. I have all my herbs planted in pots due to the vigorous and invasive nature of their growth. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

hi ya, i hope you're enjoying your garden. im in the states now (holiday) and have my own, hope to see more soon! xxx~ Jojo

PS: Your profile never mentions if you're single! (are ya?)

Anonymous said...

just seeing that new cutting of mint being so lovingly fostered and reared by yourself is deeply touching and sentimental!
by the way although the mint does become quite a creeping and invasive creature in its adulthood, it does wonders as a ground cover where you dont want any weeds growing, or havent yet decided how to fill an empty space, or to disguise a bit of compost...can always transplant it elsewhere later, it really wont be offended.xs