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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I have mowed the lawn and trimmed it's edges with the strimmer this morning. The grass was wet which made it a bit of a job - I wish now that I had left it until this afternoon as it has dried up nicely now and the sun is shinning. Nevermind.

I have picked more lettuce - enough to keep me in salad at work for the week I should imagine. Also picked the cucumber which will be a nice addition to the salads! There was one courgette on the plants which was a reasonable size - hopefully there will be more to go with it in the week.

Doesn't look like the tomato plants are going to be that productive this year. No tomatoes yet at all. Five of the plant look worse for wear and two look just about okay. Will give it a little longer but would be nice for them to have a blast of sun!

Posted by ShoZu

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Landscape said...

Living in the north west, we know all about wet mowing. Have you done anything to improve the drainage in your lawn? I scarify mine and then use a tining fork wih hollow prongs to take out cores I then sweep horticultual grit or sharp sand over it. Looks messy for a while but it works.