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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunny Day

Well, I have spent the last two days in the garden and what a lot I've done. The weather has been amazing and it has been nice to simply plod on with bits and bobs.

I've planted up the vegetable patch with carrots, gem and red lettuce, beetroot, garlic, red onions, and 3 Brussel's sprout plants. I've made sure to give it a good sprinkling of the cat repellent after watering as the cats tend to dig up bits of it and mess up all the lines! No doubt there will be evidence of cats tomorrow.

I've planted out three tomato plants into one grow bag and two courgette plants into another. I've set them up with the watering systems so they are ready for when we are away.

Digging over the bottom of the garden took a while as it always gets overgrown with the bindweed. I have planted some mint along the border there in the hope that it will grow vigorously and out compete the bindweed. I have tried a number of different plants along there and none of them survive. I planted a horseradish a few weeks back which look a little worse for wear but may survive now I've cleared around it.

The potatoes are doing well in their bag. Not sure how long I have to leave them before picking them. I think it was about august last year.

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