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Thursday, May 17, 2007


After a wet morning the afternoon really brightened up so I have made the most of it and been out in the garden doing some jobs. Firstly I weeded all the borders and the vegetable patch and then I mowed the lawn. I have then treated the lawn with a weed killer/ feeder that I know is not very organic but I hope will get rid of some of the weeds in the lawn.

The top picture shows where I have planted out three of the courgette plants that I have grown. Two into the peat free grow bag and the other I thought I would try in a pot - see what happens anyway - I just hate throwing the other plants away! I have still got about five tomato, five pepper, four butternut squash, four chilli, and three cucumber plants to find space for. I think I am going to need another grow bag!

The lettuce you can see in the second picture are doing quite well and I am still waiting for two other lines I have sowed to grow. That reminds me - I must put some more slug pellets down tonight....
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